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What Makes .AM Unique?

Besides the .AM ccTLD being used as the domain extension for the country of Armenia. Below are some creative ideas to use the .AM extension. Some are already in use today.

Uses as alternatives to other ccTLD or communities:


.AM for America

.AM for Amsterdam

.AM for the City of Armenia in Colombia

A few examples for use in technology, industry, and services:


.AM – AI ML (Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning)

.AM – Augmented Reality Metaverse

.AM – Alternate Reality Metaverse

.AM – Augmented Marketing

.AM – Any Metaverse

.AM – Additive Manufacturing

.AM – Asset Management

.AM – Art Museum

.AM – Augmented Art Museum

.AM – Artificial Intelligence Metaverse

.AM – Artificial Intelligence Marketing

.AM – Account Management

.AM – Amplitude Modulation for AM radio stations

.AM – Advanced Manufacturing

.AM – Augmented Manufacturing

.AM – Assembly Manufacturing

.AM – Augmented Mall

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