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Written by Armenia Domains

September 8, 2023

Screenshot of Roam (

We have found a new .AM country code top-level domain (ccTLD) domain hack which is the website of RO.AM.

In this post, we will feature the cloud technology company ROAM (RO.AM) based out of Brooklyn, New York, USA.

We will describe this amazing and innovative company we have found by searching the internet looking for .AM websites.

With the ever-growing industry of cloud services, this technology has greatly changed personal lives and work environments exponentially.

But even with this technology and other industries such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, metaverse environments, and the list goes on. Many have not harnessed the use of technology correctly or to the fullest to manage workflow issues.

Have you ever had one of those “This meeting could have been an email” situation” or simple conversations could have prevented a “Death by PowerPoint” episode?

I think most of us have and with those types of situations, this could make workers lose focus on a company’s mission and objectives, low morale from constant meetings, and mainly a huge waste of time, destroying productivity.

Roam Pricing Model

This is where the company Roam comes in to make the work environment better by creating an all-in-one Cloud HQ.


Roam wants to help companies by:

    • Making companies increase productivity by shortening meetings.

    • Make a company’s workforce more connected by using a connected map to give a feeling of working together without the need for a meeting.

    • With an all-in-one bundle, it will save companies money.


Overall Roam wants to bring back the efficiency of workflow, better morale for the work culture where everyone has a sense of belonging by being connected as one, and cost savings on an all-in-one cloud service (Cloud HQ) that unites a company without the pain of excessive hours-long meetings.
Definitely, an exciting company to look into if you’re a business that needs an extra boost in workflow and connectivity.

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