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September 8, 2023

The .AM country code top-level domain has been increasing in demand in 2023 to over 44,029 registered domains. Besides Armenia being the top-registered country with 25,772 domains. At the time of writing these three countries have taken the top 3 rankings in registering .AM domains after Armenia. They are the United States in first with 8,277, China in second with 2936, and Russia in third with 1,242.

How can Armenia take advantage of the artificial intelligence craze with startups and companies with its country code top- level domain (ccTLD) to mean more than a country code you ask and why are you saying “AI I AM”?

Let us dig deeper into this ccTLD domain extension that hasn’t even hit its peak yet in registrations, nor has it reached its potential to shine like other ccTLD domain extension like .IO and .AI being used for artificial intelligence companies around the world.

We looked at Tortoise Media which provides a Global AI Index. This exceptionally well-created site of graphs and charts provides data about each country’s AI capacity.
According to the data, Armenia ranks 54 out of the 62 listed countries on the Tortoise Media Global Index. This means that Armenia at 54 in the rankings of 62 out 195 countries in the world is not a bad start.

Data from Tortoise Media (Top 3 Global AI Rankings Of Countries )
Data from Tortoise Media (Armenia Ranks 54 In Global AI Rankings Of Countries )
Data from Tortoise Media (Top 30 In Global AI Rankings Of Countries )

This takes us to the next part of what .AM can mean as far as using to describe companies locally in Armenia that are either startups or established businesses in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Some uses to look at:

• .AM for AI + ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
• .AM for Additive Manufacturing (An industry using AI now)
• .AM for AI Marketing
• .AM for AI Medicine or AI Medical
• .AM for AI Manufacturing
• .AM for Automation Manufacturing
• .AM for Autonomous Manufacturing

Yes, these industries do exist in the field of artificial intelligence for those new to learning about AI. The list can go on with other industries that you can abbreviate with the .AM ccTLD in the field of AI.

Before the popular rise of artificial intelligence companies and startups in 2023, was the rise of technology companies using .IO around 2015. An abundance of tech startups and some well-established technology companies would commonly use the .IO ccTLD which represents the British Indian Ocean Territory but in technology terms, it would mean Input/Output or I/O which of course led to the use of the .IO ccTLD to help express a business providing goods and services in the tech industry. The .IO extension has also turned into another popular used ccTLD for the AI industry due to its prior use of representing technology.

The current trending domain extension which has been in high demand is the .AI ccTLD and categorized as a gTLD as well is from the country of Anguilla. The most sought-after extension currently in the technology industry of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This extension is in the range of 265,000 to 300,000 from various sources in the domain industry.

Data from (Top 10 Countries Registering .AM ccTLD 2023 September 08)  Current at time of writing. Data may have changed.

Before concluding this article. We would like to bring your attention to the “Top 10 Countries Registering .AM”. Out of the top 10, seven of these countries are listed in the top 30 countries in the race for global artificial intelligence dominance.

These seven artificial intelligence (AI) producing countries are already primed for use of the .AM ccTLD.


    • United States

    • China

    • Russia

    • Germany

    • Great Britain

    • France

    • Netherlands



Data from Tortoise Media (Top 30 In Global AI Rankings Of Countries )

The opinion of some can considered the .AM ccTLD is a diamond in the rough or equal in digital gold as some call .AI.  With the very small and hidden technologically evolving country of Armenia, so too is the .AM ccTLD waiting to evolve into an equal domain extension used in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning community.  The .AM ccTLD has a lot of room to run in this field from 2023 and beyond.

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