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From a startup to a web technology company that outshines others with its Artificial Intelligence website building tools and diversified portfolio to meet the needs of a variety of website developers.

April 30, 2024

About 10Web an innovative Armenian-founded web development company holds a high standard of innovation and efficiency. Founded in 2017 as a startup by a team of visionary web developers and entrepreneurs in Armenia, the journey of 10Web is a testament to the power of relentless innovation, and devotion of Armenia’s tech-savvy community. Their .AM ccTLD redirects to their .IO domain, maintaining its roots as a successful Armenian company.

In its inception, 10Web focused on enhancing WordPress websites through meticulously crafted plugins and themes, which enhance both functionality and aesthetics. However, spurred by an unwavering commitment to streamline website development and management, 10Web swiftly broadened its horizons. Expanding its repertoire, it now offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services.


Central to 10Web’s core values is a deep appreciation for automation and AI-driven solutions. By leveraging artificial intelligence, 10Web enables users to seamlessly design, host, and optimize websites, custom-tailored to meet their requirements.

This article will dive into an array of web development tools and services offered by 10Web, highlighting its ability as a dynamic provider to cater to various niches, including e-commerce and blogging websites. Whether building websites tailored to specific niches or broader audiences, 10Web stands out for its comprehensive solutions and customizable features.

What Website Tools And Service Do They Offer?

AI Website Builder Tools

Create a website effortlessly with a few easy steps using the AI Website Builder. Just by describing what your business or site is about, generate it with AI and then begin customizing your website.

WordPress Tools

Much like the AI Website Builder, you can also create a WordPress site with the WordPress AI Builder. Just answer some questions about your business, generate it with AI, and customize it with the drag and drop editor.

Create an e-commerce website in just minutes with the AI Ecommerce Website Builder.   Just by describing what your business is about, generate it with AI.  The AI will generate content relating to your business and create related images. Then begin customizing your website to start your e-commerce journey.

Managed WordPress Hosting is available with multiple pricing plans to fit your needs.  Hosting is provided by Google Cloud with a stated 99.9% uptime, SSL certificate,90+ PageSpeed score, SEO, plus other great tools and services included.

Harness the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence with AI Writing Assistant to swiftly craft and refine original content at an accelerated pace. You can also maximize efficiency by producing SEO-optimized content through AI-driven generation.  AI Writing Assistant can be integrated within both Gutenberg and Classic Editor interfaces.

Get Started For Free AI Writing Assistant 

Reach a 90+ page speed score with the help of 10Web’s PageSpeed Booster.  This service provides automatic optimization of the frontend speed of WordPress websites.  Optimization is vital for a quality user experience for visitors to your website. You can explore the pricing options below. 

Explore Pricing PageSpeed Booster

Develop a marketing strategy for your startup, business, blog, e-commerce site, and more with AI Marketing Strategy Generator.  Just answer some questions, start the AI generation, and implement your generated plan.

BuddyBoss Hosting provides a fully managed dedicated hosting service with a 99.9% uptime and 500% faster load times with larger audiences.  Get the Fastest C2 server and CDN services from 10Web.

These are just a few major tools that 10Web has to offer among its many services, tools, plugins, and widgets to create optimized websites with ease. Below you can explore the monthly or annual price plans for services.


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